Strategies to Help You Improve Your Conversion Rate

By focusing on converting visitors that are interested in a business, companies can achieve much better results than if they optimize the conversion rate of all visitors, as if they represented a similar group. If the marketing software allows an individual to use smart content, that is, personalized content based on their behavior, their business can convert people more efficiently by creating targeted content and design for business segments. With smart content, people can offer two different call-to-action options to two different sections on the same page.

If the site’s content is segmented correctly to meet the expectations of these two groups, a business can increase the conversion rate of each. This is why conversion rate optimization is so critical to online success.

Content is key

Content is probably the most critical aspect of a website: what words are used on a page and what visuals support those words can define a site’s online presence. A business can have a noticeable effect on their conversion rates if they shorten its texts, along with using more descriptive terms. By performing specific tests to see which text and content format provides the best performance, you can improve conversion rates visibly.

Website design

Site owners can also change the design of their page to determine if more visitors will convert to leads. Design-based conversion rate optimization tests include items such as colors, spaces, alignment, or the layout of your pages. Like content testing, design testing does not have to be radical or substantial.

Changing the color of the submit button on a landing page can affect how many people click on it, including the language, location, shape, and so on. These elements are just a few examples of possible ways to influence your conversion rate, but they can help you build a robust digital marketing foundation for your conversion optimization goals.

It does not matter if a business decides to perform small tests or make radical changes with each of these elements: they should see significant improvements if their goal is to achieve continuous optimization. Even though all this can be done by yourself, industry professionals say that hiring a CRO specialist is the best way to go.


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